Six Tips for photographing your baby

photographing your baby aylesbury

We constantly want to capture each development stage and all wonderful expressions of our children.

However, photographing your little one can be a more challenging task than you would expect.

With these 6 simple tips you can improve and master the quality of your pictures and be encouraged to use your camera more often as our babies grow up too fast!


Baby photography Oxfordshire

Find the light

For the baby shots taking a pictures during the daytime is the most favourable period as there is plenty of natural daylight. Natural light gives a soft focus look to your subject’s skin. Turn the flash off and use window light if possible and avoid the harsh sun as it tends to casts shadows and it is unhealthy for the tender skin. Try to face your baby towards the light and see how the light illuminates your kids face.


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Change the angle

Get down to your little one’s eye level and see the world through their eyes. Sit on the ground or lay down if you need to and try shooting straight on, from the side, from behind, from above or from down low. Physically moving to their level can give you a new and unique perspective.

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Capture the details

Smiley faces are amazing, but so are all the little details you wouldn’t normally focus on. Make sure to zoom in on things like that curl of hair at the back of her head, tiny toenails, cutie belly button, your baby’s feet or the first tooth… all those sweet things you won’t want to forget.


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Go outside

Cloudy days are actually the best days to shoot outside, but if it is sunny you can find a shaded spot. Direct sunlight will cause the harsh shadows and is irritating for your baby’s eyes. Put down a blanket and enjoy all the wonder of nature with your little one.

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Keep it close

Great pictures could happen at that very instant moment, but you have to be there, ready with your camera to capture it. The more your baby is used to be photographed, the more natural your pictures will be, because your child’s curiosity won't be aroused by the camera and you will always be ready for those special moments.


Upload your images regularly and keep them organized. For instance, you can save them into folders grouped by months when your baby is young. As a rule of thumb always back up your pictures.


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